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Junior Eligibility 

Idaho Junior Tour membership is open to boys and girls who are at least eight years of age but no older than eighteen years of age and are permanent or summer residents of Idaho or contiguous counties and must be either US Citizens or non-citizens who have permanent Idaho resident status. 

Junior Tour Memberships and Series

Parent Volunteers

Juniors playing on the 12u Series are required to have an adult act as a walking scorer at least once during the season. Juniors playing on the Championship Series are required to have an adult act as a volunteer at least once during the season. 

Parents wishing to not have to act as a volunteer or walking scorer may choose to opt-out, by paying the $40 parent opt-out fee. 

Max 10 Rule

All juniors playing on the Idaho Junior Tour will be playing under the Max 10 Rule at all Idaho Junior Tour one-day events and District Championship. The Max 10 Rule does not apply at the Idaho Junior Am or at any local qualifier that the Idaho Junior Tour hosts.

Playing Up

Juniors may play up an age division, but will not be allowed to play back down. All Play Up applications must be submitted by May 15th to be considered. 

Players playing in the 10-12 Division must understand if they chose to play up they will be moving from the 12u Series to the Championship Series. 

Applications will be approved by June 1st. After June 1st players will no longer be able to request to play up. If you wish to play out of your age division, please send the "Play Up" application to

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