Join the Junior Tour

Eligible Juniors

  • Open to new and returning members

  • Open to juniors eight-eighteen years of age

  • Must be a permanent or summer resident of Idaho or contiguous counties and must be either US Citizens or non-citizens who have permanent resident status

Junior Tour Membership

  • $50 membership Fee

  • Valid March 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022

  • There is no discount for juniors that have already purchased a Youth on course membership


  • Complementary USGA Handicap

  • Complementary Youth on Course membership

  • Member Bag Tag

  • Rules Bag Tag

  • Access to Idaho Junior tour events

  • Access to College Scholarships

  • Access to IGA Championships

  • Monthly Newsletters

Parent-Volunteer Opt-Out

  • All juniors are required to have a parent/guardian act as a volunteer at least once during the season. Parents/guardins may pay a $25 fee to opt out of being a volunteer. Pleaseselect the "Volunteer Opt-Out Fee" button when registering for membership. If you decide later on that you want to opt-out you may do so when you register to play in events.


  • June 1st determines division that juniors will be playing in for the 2022 season

  • 12u Series

    • Ages 8-12​

    • Playing 9-holes

    • Must have an adult act as a walking scorer at least once

  • Championship Series

    • Ages 13-18​

    • Playing 18-holes

    • Must have an adult act as a volunteer at least once.