Diamond Line Cup

The Diamond Line Cup is awarded to a boy and girl competitor in each age division (9-10, 11-12, 13-15, 16-18) at the end of each junior golf season.


2018 Recipients of Player of the year, awarded by Junior Committee based on event merits for 2018 single day events, regional qualifiers held in Idaho (only), and district and state championship events.

2019 Diamond Line Player of the Year

Allison Shockey

Girls 10-12 Division

Central District 

Beau Sahr

Boys 10-12 Division

SouthWest District

Emry Gibbs

Girls 13-14 Division

SouthWest District

Zach Carter

Boys 13-14 Division

SouthWest District

Kelli Ann Strand

Girls 15-18 Division

Eastern District

Quinn Haigwood

Boys 15-18 Division

Southwest District

About Diamondline

Idaho Golf Association:  Why was the Diamond Line Cup originally created?

Calvin Fillmore: We started the Diamond Line Cup because I felt that there needed to be a championship for our young players to participate in preparing them for high school, college and possibly even professional golf should that be the route they take. I wanted to mirror it like the FED EX CUP so that the player earned points for placement inside of events in their age group. I wanted the points earned to be trackable so that they could set goals and monitor their achievements.

My hope was that this would help motivate our youth golfers to continue to practice, work hard and develop the skill sets that are required to continue their participation in the sport as they seek higher education. I think the Idaho Junior Golf Association already had this in place, I just wanted to help by putting something on the end of it as a reward. (Diamond Line Cup Trophy)

Idaho Golf Association: What are your ties with junior golf  and what does junior golf means to you?

Calvin Fillmore: Junior Golf and the game of Golf is an experience that is hard to describe.

First I don’t believe you can win in the game of golf, it can only teach you how to accept what you can’t have, and how to work harder in achieving objectives. For me personally it is a circle. When I was a ten handicap I wanted to be a five when I was five I wanted to be a two and at a two I wanted to be scratch or a plus. Does it ever end?

I believe the game of golf teaches valuable life lessons of how to deal with the disappointment that life can bring. I can’t count the number of times I have seen players of all levels play great rounds just to follow it up the next day with 10-15 more strokes than the day before. The emotional swing that accompanies that player during that experience and the fan, father or mother watching the experience can be heart breaking during and after the round on many occasions. Those players are on an island all by themselves during this and there is no one there to help them but themselves. Those kids that learn how to cope with that pain, don’t give up on their goals, learn from the experience and go back out to work it out are the ones that gain the life lesson golf teaches. They will go on to lead in business, civic, religious and social arenas of their future.


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