12-U Series


Idaho Junior Tour membership is open to boys and girls who are at lease eight years of age but no older than eighteen years of age and are permanent or summer residents of Idaho or contiguous counties and must be either US Citizens or non-citizens who have permanent resident status. 

Juniors playing in the 12-U Series will be playing 9-holes of golf. This series is open to boys and girls age eight to twelve. 

Playing Up
Walking Scorers
Stroke Limit

Age Divisions

Girls 8-9

Boys 8-9

Girls 10-12

Boys 10-12






Juniors may play up an age division, but will not be allowed to play back down. All Play Up Applications must be submitted by May 15th to be considered.


Players playing in the 10-12 Division must understand if they chose to play up they will be moving from the 12-U Series to the Championship Series. 

Applications will be approved by June 1st, after June 1st players will no longer be able to request to play up. If you wish to play out of your age division, please send the "Play Up" application to juniortour@idahoga.org

Caddies are not permitted on the Idaho Junior Tour.

Each group will be accompanied by a volunteer official walking scorekeeper (parents will be asked to fill this role. All players will be required to have one adult be a scorekeeper at one event. 

The IGA office will select adults who will be the official scorekeeper for each group. Official walking scorers will be announced when tee times are released five days prior to the event. 

Qualifying adults: If a parent is unable to fulfill this requirement you may supply another adult (grandparent, aunt or uncle) to take your place. 

When selected to be an official walking scorer, please arrive 30 minutes before your tee time and check-in with registration or at the first tee. You will then be given your official badge, and scorers sheet. 

A ten stroke limit per hole is in effect for all players at all Idaho Junior Tour events. On any hole, players are allowed to take a maximum of ten strokes, including penalty strokes. 

District Champinship
Idaho Junior Am

Juniors must  have played in three Idaho Junior Tour Events to qualify to play in the District Championship. 

Juniors playing int he 8-9 Division will conclude their season at the District Championship.

Juniors Playing in the 10-12 Division will be able to earn a spot in the Idaho Junior Am. If they have not already earned a spot through Player of the Year points. 

Juniors playing in the 10-12 Division will have a chance to earn a spot in the Idaho Junior Am. Qualifying for the Idaho Junior Am is determined by Player of the Year points earned over the season and by qualifying at the District Championship.